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At the February 24, 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors of NALS… the association for legal professionals (the “Association”), the following resolution was proposed and approved by the board:


WHEREAS, the mission of the Association is to: Engage legal professionals on their terms; Inspire legal professionals to want more; Enhance the careers of legal professions; and Promote legal professionals and the legal support industry;

WHEREAS, the Association supports the mission of the American Bar Association;

WHEREAS, the Association adopts the ABA Model Regulatory Objectives for the Provision of Legal Services, dated February, 2016, which reads as follows:

ABA Model Regulatory Objectives for the Provision of Legal Services

A. Protection of the public
B. Advancement of the administration of justice and the rule of law
C. Meaningful access to justice and information about the law, legal issues, and the civil and criminal justice systems
D. Transparency regarding the nature and scope of legal services to be provided, the credentials of those who provide them, and the availability of regulatory protections
E. Delivery of affordable and accessible legal services
F. Efficient, competent, and ethical delivery of legal services
G. Protection of privileged and confidential information
H. Independence of professional judgment
I. Accessible civil remedies for negligence and breach of other duties owed, and disciplinary sanctions for misconduct, and advancement of appropriate preventive or wellness programs
J. Diversity and inclusion among legal services providers and freedom from discrimination for those receiving legal services and in the justice system.

WHEREAS, the Association joins the American Bar Association in urging each state’s highest court, and those of each territory and tribe, to be guided by the ABA Model Regulatory Objectives for the Provision of Legal Services when assessing the court’s existing regulatory framework (and any other regulations they may choose to develop) concerning non-traditional legal service providers.

WHEREAS, nothing contained in this Resolution abrogates in any manner the NALS Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility, nor existing Association policy regarding the unauthorized practice of law, consistent with the core values of the Association.

WHEREAS, the Association reaffirms its commitment to providing education and professional certification to those engaged in legal work, and to cooperate with the legal community in stimulating a high order of professional standards and ethics among legal professionals.